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Today, I shot with Jonah & Jessica to celebrate the joy and happiness of their engagement.  We went and shot at Stone Mountain Park, and it was beautiful out.  We ran into 3 or 4 other photographers who were there shooting with families for their holiday cards, as well as for other engagements.  The weather [...]

After shooting with Caitlyn, I stopped by Forsyth Park to snap a few shots of the trees, leaves, etc.  However, I only stayed for about 30 minutes, as it was 100 degrees outside.

I decided to drive down to Savannah, Georgia (4 hour drive) and stay the weekend to shoot with Caitlyn and her friend Katie.  I have previously shot with Caitlyn; she’s gorgeous, has some well-placed and colorful ink, and has a great carefree attitude and personality.  Our first set of shots were taken Saturday morning.  The [...]

Caitlyn drove all the way up from Savannah to shoot with me, which I was quite honored to hear.  Caitlyn had recently been in Inked Magazine and Savannah Magazine.  She has some great ink, a great look, and a great personality for shooting photos of.  The weather was perfect and ideal for a photoshoot; it [...]

Brianna and I went and shot at Piedmont Park with such gorgeous weather, basically the first day of the season with warm weather and pure sunny skies.  Everyone in the city was out for a picnic or walking their dog in the park.  We shot in the grass with the Atlanta skyline in the background, [...]

I traveled to Savannah with some other photographer friends on what was probably the hottest weekend of the year.  We were all way too hot and uncomfortable the entire weekend, but I definitely caught some great shots at Bonaventure Cemetery, some of the squares, as well as Forsyth Park.