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I always look forward to the opportunity to shoot with Miss Voodoo Valentine.  This was my 2nd shoot with her, but the 3rd time going to visit her up in Nashville.  It was good to see her, her 2 kids, and her husband that weekend.  While I shot on Saturday with 2 others, I shot [...]

I drove up to Nashville for the weekend to shoot with 3 different people.  Up first was Moxie Mantrap and our Femme Fatale/Film Noir themed shoot.  There is quite a funny story to go along with this one.  We originally set up to shoot at a really cheap motel outside of Nashville that would’ve cost [...]

Tonight I’m shooting photos for Lauren Kraselsky of The Quick and Dirty Dirty for her Birthday EZ/LK 3.0 Launch Party held at the Livingston Bar and Restaurant at The Georgian Terrace. Photos from the party will be posted by Monday evening in a gallery located at

I’ve been trying to find the right person to shoot with at this music recording studio I know of up in North Atlanta.  I finally found the perfect girl for the shoot, Kailyn.  She was a pleasure to shoot with.  Even though it took both of us over an hour to get there, we both [...]

This evening I went back to Laura’s house to shoot some Christmas photos for her and her boyfriend.  We took some cool shots in her bedroom, where we’ve never shot photos, even though I’ve shot at her house about 5 or 6 times previously.  We also shot some nice, sexy and relaxing shots in front [...]

Today, I had the pleasure of shooting with Katie.  She is absolutely gorgeous but more important, she’s such a nice and good person.  We were able to go back to my friend Mark’s condo in Buckhead that overlooks all of Buckhead from his penthouse balcony.  We shot half of the photos in the 2 showers [...]

This evening, I finally had the pleasure to shoot with a girl that’s been in the making for probably 6-9 months now.  Shannon and I finally got the chance to shoot together, and I wish it hadn’t been so long because she was a pleasure to shoot with.  I will definitely be shooting with her [...]

After work today, I drove up to Brandi’s house all the way over and up in Cumming, Georgia.  Luckily, this was an indoor shoot because it was one of the first nights in a while when it was really cold.  I was shooting with Brandi for the 3rd time, and she was a pleasure to [...]

This weekend I drove up to Seneca, South Carolina to shoot with Joy in her hometown.  You may remember Joy, as I shot with her for the Autumn Pinup Day.   She’s also a photographer and thus knows what to do in front of and behind the camera.  We went and shot at an abandoned mill [...]

Today I hungout with Caitlyn and Natalie and shot with Caitlyn in a couple locations in Savannah.  I really thought the blue siding and doors on this building looked really cool.  The weather was gorgeous out, but I suppose it was a bit chilly for a short dress. We also went and shot downtown near [...]