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This afternoon and evening I met up with Luci Furr and shot in Printer’s Alley in downtown Nashville, as well as a graffiti wall outside of Nashville.  Shooting in Printer’s Alley was pretty fun; I did not think it would be that easy to just set everything up and start shooting without any problems whatsoever.  [...]

This weekend I drove up to Seneca, South Carolina to shoot with Joy in her hometown.  You may remember Joy, as I shot with her for the Autumn Pinup Day.   She’s also a photographer and thus knows what to do in front of and behind the camera.  We went and shot at an abandoned mill [...]

Today I met up with Morgan and her husband Jerry Roberson to shoot some photos of Morgan and some of the couple together.  They were married a few years back in Jamaica but never had any engagement photos taken of themselves beforehand.  We went to an abandoned warehouse in Atlanta to shoot with them.  Jerry [...]

Today, I met up with Lindsey to shoot for the first time, and her mother accompanied us to the shoot.  First, I must say that she has a pretty cool mother, and very accepting of her daughter and her daughter’s endeavors.  That’s really cool to see.  We all had a great time, even though it [...]

This afternoon I met up with Lisa, accompanied by her friend Dominique at an abandoned warehouse that I’ve shot at a few times previously.  We shot some really cool and sometimes colorful shots.  I decided to try some new shots, which definitely came out really well.  Lisa is quite talented with the looks she presents [...]

Tonight I met up with Ariel in Cabbagetown at 97 Estoria.  This was our first shoot together, and I sure hope it’s not our last.  She was great, very poised and a natural at posing and modeling.  We shot at a few different locations in Cabbagetown.  The mosquitoes were definitely out, so we had to [...]

Today, I shot with Marcie for the first time, and she brought along MUAH Jenn from Pure Tan & Makeup.  We had a great time shooting, except that there were mosquitoes everywhere.  Marcie must’ve been bitten 1,000 times in the 2 hours that we were there.  Despite the large amount of mosquitoes and the heat, [...]

Today I took my friend and fellow photographer Kat along with me to explore some new parts of an abandoned warehouse I’ve shot at previously.  As  you may know, Kat has also modeled for me once before.  This time, however, we were taking pictures of the warehouse and nature as it was.

I decided to drive down to Savannah, Georgia (4 hour drive) and stay the weekend to shoot with Caitlyn and her friend Katie.  I have previously shot with Caitlyn; she’s gorgeous, has some well-placed and colorful ink, and has a great carefree attitude and personality.  Our first set of shots were taken Saturday morning.  The [...]

I met up with Melissa, whom I know from shooting photos at Wild Bill’s, and her boyfriend, Geoff.  We decided we wanted to shoot with some bright colors in some typical summer attire: bikinis, shorts, boots, cute tops, etc.  It looks like we shot just what we were looking for.  Melissa was great, easy to [...]